Finnish domain names

Legislation concerning fi-domain names changed on 5 September 2016. With the new legislation, the internationally known registry-registrar model will be taken into use. As of 5 September 2016, every fi-domain name holder will need a registrar that administers domain names on behalf of the holder and domain names can be renewed only via a registrar. Heinonen & Co is a registrar of .fi and .ax domain names and we will provide the same services as before also in the new model.

Correct and up-to-date information of the holder

A domain name must be registered in the holder’s name. The information that concerns the domain name holder and that has been entered into the domain name register must be up-to-date.

Now also foreign companies, organisations and private persons can obtain fi-domain names.

The client has the responsibility to inform us the correct holder of each domain name and instruct to record the new holder in case changes have occurred. In addition to the company name, we will need an address, a phone number, an email address and VAT number or other ID number.

The form and content of the domain name

A domain name must include at least two but no more than 63 characters. The permitted characters in a domain name are the letters a to z and the numbers 0 to 9. Please find other permitted, national characters here.

Also domain names that consist of a combination of a person’s first and last names or country codes can be now freely registered.

Choosing a domain name

The trademark and business name protection related to fi-domain names remains unchanged. FICORA will continue to handle domain name revocation claims.

At the time of registration, a domain name must not be:

1) a protected name or trademark owned by another party, unless the domain name holder can present a good, acceptable reason for registering the domain name; or
2) similar to a protected name or trademark owned by another party if the clear intent of registering the domain name is to benefit from it or to cause damage.

If the domain name is not the applicant’s own trademark or business name valid in Finland, the applicant shall check from the following databases that the domain name is not another party’s registered trademark or business name:

You can also always contact our domain name experts for advice.

Name servers

As of 5 September 2016, it is no longer obligatory to configure name servers for fi-domain names. The name servers shall be removed from the domain name register if the domain name holder wants to keep a domain name in reserve without any associated functionalities, such as email or a website.

However, if the domain name registrar lists name servers for the domain name, they must be configured in accordance with FICORA Regulation 68/2014 M. The requirements for the name servers can be found here.