Domain names around the world

Domain names are usually divided into two categories: generic domain names and national domain names. An enormous number of different domain name extensions are available, so internationally operating companies are advised to develop their personal strategy and procedures for registering and maintaining domain names.

We offer a diverse array of domain-related services, and we can help register domain names in almost all unrestricted domain name extensions. We also have access to the local presence needed in some countries.

Generic domain names

Generic domain names are not connected to a particular country. Previously, there were only a handful of generic domain name extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz. The domain .com is by far the most popular of these, and it has established its role as a general international extension even though it was originally intended solely for the use of commercial organisations.

In recent years, new extensions have flooded the market, with approximately 1200 generic domain name extensions currently available, for example .app, .baby, .cafe, .film, .law, .ltd, .news, .now and .pics.

Some of the generic domain name extensions can be freely applied for by anyone, but some are limited only to the use of certain operators.

National domain names

National domain names refer to country-specific domain name extensions, for example .fi in Finland, .se in Sweden and .cn in China.

Nowadays, most country-specific domain names can be freely registered by everyone, but in some countries the registration of domain names requires e.g. a local company, address or contact person.

If you wish to register national domain names for your company or you have problems with your registrations, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.