Privacy policy

Service providers

Eversheds Attorneys Ltd (business ID 2556202-6) and Heinonen & Co, Attorneys-at-Law, Ltd. (business ID 1109210-7)
Fabianinkatu 29 B
FI-00100 Helsinki

File description
Description of data file pursuant to section 10 of the Personal Data Act.

1. Controller

Eversheds Attorneys Ltd (Business ID: 2556202-6)
Fabianinkatu 29 B
Tel. 010 684 1300
Fax 010 684 1700


Heinonen & Co, Attorneys-at-Law, Ltd. (Business ID: 1109210-7)
Fabianinkatu 29 B
Tel. 010 684 1800
Fax 09 694 4352

2. Person in charge of data file

Elina Koivumäki
Tel. 010 684 1300

3. Name of data file

Data file created on the basis of customer relationships and other relevant relationships with Eversheds Attorneys Ltd and Heinonen & Co, Attorneys-at-Law, Ltd., i.e. the Eversheds Group

4. Purpose of use of personal data

Management, development and administration of customer relationships and other relevant relationships; planning and development of business operations of Eversheds and any other companies that may from time to time belong to the same Group of companies; and customer communications and marketing, including direct marketing, opinion polls and market surveys.

5. Content of the data file

The following details are entered in the data file:

• basic personal details such as name, contact details (mailing address, phone number, e-mail address), gender, title or position, language, and personal identity number for private individuals;

• details relevant for managing a customer relationship or other relevant relationship, such as: contacts and communications related to a customer relationship or other relevant relationship; details related to the carrying out and invoicing of assignments and debt recovery; details pertaining to identification of clients as required by law; details of personal interests submitted by the data subject; marketing measures aimed at the data subject; participation of the data subject in such marketing measures or other customer events; and other measures undertaken to maintain customer relationships;

• agreements to and bans on direct marketing; and

• details on changes to any of the aforementioned details.

6. Regular data sources

Regular data sources include the data subjects themselves and various directories, registers and other public information sources such as the Population Information System and credit information registers. Basic data in the data file may also be updated by obtaining updating services from enterprises or authorities offering them.

7. Disclosure and transfer of data

Eversheds may disclose data in compliance with the limits imposed by valid legislation and good advocacy practice. Data are not regularly disclosed to third parties.

Data are not transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless necessary for providing a service related to a customer relationship or other relevant relationship.

After the termination of a relevant relationship, such personal data on a data subject may be transferred to the Eversheds direct marketing data file as are allowed by law, unless the data subject has specifically prohibited this.

Subcontractors may be employed for the processing of personal data, and the requirements of privacy legislation shall be complied with through contractual clauses.

8. Data file protection

Eversheds shall provide information security for the data file in a way generally acceptable in the sector and shall implement appropriate technological solutions to prevent unauthorised access to its computerised information systems and manually maintained and stored materials.

Only specifically identified employees of Eversheds or of a company employed by it or acting on its behalf shall have access to the data in the data file. Accessing computerised data in the data file requires a personal ID and password. Persons processing the data shall have user rights to the extent required, granted by Eversheds.

Some of the data in the data file are subject to a specific confidentiality and non-disclosure requirement pursuant to the code of conduct of the Finnish Bar Association, and such data shall be processed as required in that code of conduct.

9. Right of access, prohibition and rectification

A data subject shall be entitled to access the data on him/her entered in the data file. A request for access shall be submitted to the person in charge of the data file in writing and duly signed. A request for access may also be presented in person at the  Eversheds premises.

A data subject shall be entitled to prohibit his/her details from being processed and disclosed for the purpose of direct advertising, distance sales, direct marketing, market research or opinion polls, and to demand that incorrect data be rectified. For this purpose, the data subject must contact Eversheds.