Tiina Niemi

Tiina Niemi specialises in intellectual property rights and advises clients especially in assignments related to trademarks, design rights, copyrights and unfair business practices. Tiina is part of the firm’s anti-counterfeiting practice and takes care of customs applications and customs seizures. Tiina is also involved in IPR litigations. Tiina works at our Helsinki office. Expertise IPR

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Minna Hokkanen

Minna Hokkanen specialises in intellectual property law and works especially with assignments concerning trademarks. Minna advises both small and large companies in questions related to protecting and defending trademarks in Finland and abroad. Minna also has know-how in data protection matters. Minna works at our office in Helsinki. Expertise Trademark law Data protection Education Master

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Kati Rantala

Kati Rantala focuses on issues related to intellectual property rights and handles infringement, annulment, and other judicial proceedings, and other cases related to the protection of intellectual property rights. Kati has experience especially in trademarks, but also in domain names, patents, copyrights, and company names. Kati also specialises in data protection and sports law. Kati

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Hanna-Maija Elo

Hanna-Maija Elo specialises in handling different types of cases related to intellectual property rights. She is particularly experienced in infringement of trademark, design and commercial name rights and IPR, and counterfeit and parallel import cases based on customs control. Additionally, Hanna-Maija has many years of experience in contract law, particularly in franchising agreements and generally

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Petteri Häkkänen

Petteri Häkkänen handles all types of cases related to intellectual property and its protection. He specialises in demanding legal proceedings concerning industrial rights, and in the preceding conflict management investigations and protection strategies. The typical case handled by Petteri is a complex trademark and patent infringement or, for example, a conflict relating to business secrets

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Kukka Tommila

Kukka Tommila is a renowned intellectual property expert, who advises domestic and global clients in the field of different intellectual property rights. She has particularly strong experience in and knowledge of trademark and design law. Kukka’s areas of expertise include dispute resolution, negotiation, and agreements, as well as protection and defence strategies, both in Finland

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Mia Rönkä

Mia Rönkä specialises in domain names, and has several years of experience in administering and maintaining the domain name portfolios of small businesses and large international corporations. She also assists clients in registering domain names throughout the world. Mia drafts and prepares domain name protection strategies. She also handles other assignments related to maintaining registered

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Kristiina Laitimo

Kristiina Laitimo is especially familiar with administering and maintaining trademark portfolios, ensuring that trademark registrations remain in force and handling registration renewals in all countries. She is also responsible for handling amendments to registered trademarks, such as assignments, changes of trade names, and registering licences. Kristiina is also experienced in administering domain names, and she handles

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