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Kalle Koskisto

Kalle Koskisto has several years’ experience in the IPR field and he possesses strong expertise in IPR strategies.  Kalle has conducted hundreds of novelty, patentability and freedom to operate (FTO) analyses in a vast variety of technology fields. Kalle has also drafted patent applications in the many different technology fields, and handled the patent processes

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Sampo Ylätalo

Sampo Ylätalo specializes in the field of technical physics and the applications thereof, including also ICT and communications. He is particularly interested in aerosol physics, fuel conversion processes, material sciences, electronics, optics, mechanics, semiconductors and MEMS as well as their interdisciplinary aspects. Since 1999, Sampo has been working in several patent agencies in Finland. In the

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Regina Pudas

Regina Pudas has handled patent matters since 2010, and since 2013 has worked as a patent attorney. Her activities focus on drafting patent and utility model applications and patent prosecution procedures (national and foreign). She is also involved in providing consulting services for SMEs aiming at the commercialization of innovations, including patentability searches, freedom-to-operate and

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Akseli von Koch

Akseli von Koch specializes in multifaceted and demanding patent cases especially in the fields of software, business models, fintech, IoT, gaming, music instruments and applications, tele-communications, life science, exercise and medical devices and applications, consumer elec-tronics, sensor electronics and MEMS. A focal point of his work consists in consulting start-up companies and SMEs on intellectual

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Lassi Lepistö

Lassi Lepistö specialises in intellectual property. He advises clients especially in assignments related to trademarks, trade names, unfair business practices and patents, and is also involved in IPR litigation. Lassi is also part of our anti-counterfeiting practice and takes care of customs applications and customs seizures. Lassi works at our office in Helsinki. Expertise Intellectual property rights

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